Wild Camping

Wild camping is simply setting up your tent out in the wilderness, generally away from more populated areas. One of the best things about camping is setting up camp under the stars, alone and at-one with nature. Camping can be extremely relaxing and rewarding.

Camping in the woods under the trees

Camping in Margam…

Set yourself up for quite an adventurous outdoor stay at Red Rock Wild Camping… just a few metres away from Margam Country Park, we’re located on the edge of Margam Forestry and with Afan forestry and several local beaches nearby,  our site is well located as a base camp for outdoor activities. In addition, it’s a real wildlife haven, as it’s based on a working farm with a five-acre ancient woodland and a four-acre field.

How to get to Margam’s 850-acre deer park, castle, 12th-century abbey and orangery? One option is to walk across the road and you’re in, where you’ll instantly see the Red deer and Pierre David Deer walking amongst the pastures! Alternatively you can drive to the main entrance which is only a few minutes away – once there, there are paddle-boarding, mountain biking trails, Go Ape treetops adventure, farm animals (including Alpaca’s and peacocks), train rides and most importantly two large children’s playground.

Nature at its best…

Under the old oaks on site, there’s a natural play area of its own – kids may want to build a den or play around the swings and log steps. There’s a stream running to our pond and through the edge of the woodland.

In the late evening, the site also runs a large communal fire pit where guests can wind down from the day. Spotting wildlife is easy, each day you will often view herds of deer on the hillside next to the campsite and often hear monstrous calls of the stags and clashing of stags antlers during rutting season. In addition to the deer, our campsite is a great location for spotting of wildlife such as Red Kites, Buzzards, Sparrow Hawks, Hares, Foxes, Badgers, Slow Worms, Grass Snakes, Adders (in Margam Park),  field mice, frogs and quite often the odd wild deer in the woodland!

Nest with eggs, great wildlife available in our wild camping
Wild Camping in woods

Camping under the trees…

Wild Camping is often considered sleeping under the stars with the minimal  of materials. Many people will rock up with just a tarpaulin to cover their heads, others will wild camp with a hammock as their bed. However not everyone has the same opinions as to what wild camping means to them.

If you want to wild camp in the woodland in a tent under the canopy of the trees, then we welcome that, as you will still be experiencing a wonderful night wild camping in the great outdoors.